4 steps to declutter your kids clothes and make laundry easy.

Without committing to a capsule wardrobe.

This program gives you the EXACT steps to downsize your kids' clothes so that you can finally get caught up, and stay caught up on the laundry.

And everyone still has all the clothes they need on a daily basis.

You get

Your cost =$67

Yes, give me the steps to ditch my laundry mess!

Does this sound familiar?

No, we I can't play this weekend. I need to catch up on laundry. Or yes, I can play - but I am going to pay for it and fall further behind.

Just grab the cleanest clothes from the basket and get dressed please!

*turns dryer on for the 4th dry cycle

Googles how to get the mildew smell out of the clothes that were forgotten in the washer 3 days ago.

If you said yes to these, thanks for letting me know I am not the only one who has lived this life!

As moms, the kids clothes feels all but simple sometimes...

  • Kid need clothes - that's just obvious
  • Saving for future kids, seasons and sizes saves money and resources, so letting them go is painful
  • Living in places with weird weather makes it challenging to know what you need, and when you will need it - so you accept the laundry pile life
  • Different brands fit so differently for each size, and the color schemes are so hard to match up

Here's what I know about decluttering kids clothes..

  • It's an emotional process, not logical. I don't mean we sit and cry over it (but maybe sometimes we do) - what I mean is we have a lot of baggage that comes with kids clothes.
  • Laundry is stressful - to think about, plan and deal with.
  • As much as I'd love to play along that joining a nudist colony is the best solution, I love you too much to enable your deflections - no one is going to live at a nudist colonist in your home. At least not today.
  • The laundry has got to get handled. It's out of control and is consuming the lives of way too many parents.

What makes it even harder is..

Not knowing what is realistic to keep or not - weather is impossible to predict and seasons overlap year round.

OMG the guilt of letting go of perfectly good hand me downs. No one likes to feel ungrateful for being given clothes.

Worrying that you will get rid of too many, and then when something crazy happens (even crazier than living through a pandemic) we wonder if we will have enough - enough clothing, and enough money to replace the clothing we got rid of.

And of course - kids clothes are just cute. They are a way to express ourselves and our children's personalities so it almost feels like letting go of a piece of our children and memories of them.

For all of these reasons I ended up having and keeping so many clothes that I just couldn't realistically EVER get caught up on.

Is this your life right nowl too? If you're nodding YES.. keep reading, it gets better.

Introducing: The Kids Clothes Solution.

4 steps to decluttering the kids clothes and creating a wardrobe system that works, without committing to a full blown capsule wardrobe.

Declutter the clothes in 3 simple steps

Learn my Trello system to know what you have, and need so you know what to get rid of

Create the space to store the clothing in a way that fits your space and needs

Shop your stash and create wardrobes that work, and responsibly declutter the rest!

The laundry cycle I was stuck in..

Back when we only had three kids I used to block off my entire Sunday for staying home so that I would be able to run the washer and dryer marathon style in order to catch up and be ready for the upcoming week.

If I didn't do that (which totally honest was most of the time) we would live out of laundry piles and baskets and I would spend the entire week just waiting to "get caught up" and it was totally exhausting.

Not only that but it felt like I was spending more time managing the stuff inside of my home, instead of being present with my kids. Hello mom guilt if I chose to get caught up.

And hello resentment if I chose to not get caught up. It was like no matter what I was going to lose to the laundry.

This was my life. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


Even though I have five kids and live in the Midwest where we can have all four seasons in a day and I haven't been behind on laundry in YEARS.

This is not a pipe dream

You want, and deep down know you need to declutter the clothes but...

  • You really don't want to become a full blown minimalist and have a boring capsule wardrobe.
  • You have multiple kids and want to save it all so that you can save your money (savvy mama, you are)
  • Clothes are expensive and you worry that you might get rid of too much and then need to re-buy AND
  • You already do so much laundry, you feel like if you have less you're definitely going to have to do laundry more often.

Imagine having super cute outfits, that were easy to find and NO laundry piles.

Wouldn't that be dreamy?I mean having the kind of closet you could be proud to take photos of, or having drawers with neatly folded clothes that fit Marie Kondo style?

Or how about just closets and drawers that work for you and not against you. With five kids I don't have time for that any more but a girl can dream.. and reminisce ;).

Or what about knowing what clothes your kids had, and in turn what they need so that when you go clothes shopping you can stick to the budget AND get cute new pieces that work with what you already have?

Wouldn't it be ahh-mazing if

When you were clothes shopping you could refer to your phone for a visual inventory to make sure you're matching colors and styles to the existing wardrobe your kids have

When family and friend offer to buy your kids clothes, or give you hand me downs you can be specific in your requests, or easily so no thank you, we are covered

You could be completely caught up in laundry in just one load a day, or every other day. Or a few loads on the weekend? Even if you have a lot of kids like me

Laundry was just one less thing you had to worry about in your days

You actually had FUN and enjoyed the kids clothes more than you resented or avoided them?

Your cost = $67

Okay, show me how to do this and get me enrolled!

Girls clothes are done. The basket was overflowing when I pulled every piece of clothing in her current size from her drawers. I also decluttered the front close and deep cleaned my bedroom, living room and hallway because I was so motivated. Krista, you were right about the numbers vs. just pictures. I needed the numbers to hold me accountable. I wanted to keep way too much that we don't need or have room for.

This is why you don't just throw clothes in random bins. All of these were in one bin. 5+ sizes. This is my get rid of pile of the 4 or 5 sizes that I went through tonight.

- Lindsey

Alright ladies, I am completely done with the kids clothes inventory, including everything in storage. Clothes range from 12 months to 5T. I am so freaking excited and happy with this.


So how is this different than just decluttering or following a capsule wardrobe?

  • You will learn how to manage the clothes you have in your home which means you have total control over what you have, how much and how it all goes together
  • By learning to take control over how much you have, you will easily be able to pick and choose your favorite clothes and have all of your seasonal, size and personal style needs met
  • This is not just a decluttering checklist, boring capsule wardrobe guide, or quick fix - it is a simple but powerful clothes management system that will put you in the driver's seat of the clothing situation in your home

By the end of this program you will

  • Have fully functional wardrobes for every one of your kids
  • Learn how to manage your clothing moving forward so that you can include your family in the process
  • Know exactly what you have, in each size and season so that you can save time, money and resources
  • Be able to easily fill in the gaps that are missing in each child/season/size wardrobe so that you can create and stick to a clothing budget

You will also live that good life of

  • Staying caught up on laundry indefinitely - for real
  • Fitting all of your kids' clothes into their drawers, or closet (whichever you use)
  • Being free of laundry piles, or living out of laundry baskets
  • Feeling really cute and put together and like you are super mom because the clothes are clean and put away in a day
  • Having fun with clothes again and being able to creatively express yourselves as a family through clothing
  • Changing your consumption habits and learning to be a mindful consumer and steward of the planet


What you are getting with this course is a simple and sustainable solution to the laundry in your home.

Your motherhood is too short to waste on trying to manage the laundry, and it is too hard to pretend that you don't see those piles there any more.

You don't have to submit to a life of overwhelm by laundry and you CAN do this.

Here is how it works

Step 1 - Inventory

  • If you don't know what you have, or how much you don't know what you need - and don't need, so you need a simple inventory
  • I show you how to use Trello (a free app) to track exactly what clothes you have by size, season and child
  • After you know what you have we set target inventory goals
  • Have a running list you can use, or share with family so you can get what you need and stick to the plan (and budget)

Step 2 - storage

  • I help you decide how you will store every day clothes
  • Next we choose how you will store and label clothes for future children, sizes and seasons
  • You will finally have those hand-me-downs in check AND
  • You will have closets and/or dressers that are functional on a daily basis

Step 3 - Shop your stash

  • I teach you how to create a fully functional and cute wardrobe - and we start by shopping what you already have to save you time, money and our planet's resources
  • Practice being a mindful consumer
  • Learn how to create future wardrobes this way so you can save time and money (and the planet)
  • Have a wardrobe that is easy to mix and match
  • Be able to easily and affordably fill in the gaps you are missing thanks to your inventory

Let's talk value...

  • Instant and lifetime access to this digital course (value $67)
  • My Trello inventory boards included free (value $30)
  • Bonus FAQ session with me answering the top questions regard clothes (value $49)

Total value = $146

Your cost = $67

You're protected with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

If you aren't happy with this program, we aren't happy taking your money.

If within 14 days of your purchase and implementing the steps laid out for you in this program you can request a full refund and we will happily refund you.

We are so confident in this system, and past results of other moms like you who have done it that you will want to keep it forever - and tell all your friends!

I don’t teach decluttering in theory – I will never ask you to do something in your home I haven’t done, or am not willing to do myself.

In 2013 my husband and I moved our family of five from Alaska to Florida with only one suitcase per person.

While I don’t think your goal should be to get rid of it all – I will teach you how to get honest with yourself about what you do have, and how to let go of what isn’t serving you.

Since 2013 we have moved several more times, and have found a comfortable in between of drowning in clutter and having just a suitcase of clothes and toys.

My core beliefs are to be kind, and be supportive and to create the life and home you want, no matter what that looks like.

The Motherhood Simplified community was built on this foundation of experience, passion and support. You are not alone in your quest for simplicity or the struggles that come along with it.

Not sure if this 4 step system is for you?

Truth be told - it isn't for everyone and I don't want to waste your time, so if this resonates...

  • You want, no need, a solution for the laundry in your home but don't know how
  • You're ready to pull up your sleeves and do a little bit of heavy lifting for long term results
  • Most of your mom life has been a constant push/pull tug of war with laundry
  • You've tried decluttering kids clothes before with no long term success

Then this program is for you

Just for clarity

This might not be for you if...

  • You aren't open to giving this a good effort for the sake of your home and life
  • You don't want to yet take ownership of being a gatekeeper of your home
  • You're looking for a quick fix, band-aid solution for laundry

This simple program does require you to commit to yourself that you will take action - ps, it can be easy.

Sold kids clothes I decluttered thanks to the new kids clothes course. Even deducting the money I paid for it I'm still $68 richer!


I'm going through the kids clothes course. I knew we had WAY too many clothes, but I had no idea we had this many! While I feel like I still need to get rid of some more, I am very happy with this start.

-Angie, mom of 6

If you've read this far, you owe it to yourself to just jump in and do this.

Your kids aren't going to stop growing and you're going to have to keep getting more - what if this program made that super easy for you to?

What if you got this program and by next week everyone in your family had workable wardrobes, you didn't have laundry backed up and then it just stayed really easy to maintain?

What if you got this program, and only did step one of the inventory and realized you didn't need to go buy more clothes and saved hundreds of dollars right off the bat?

Or were able to sell your excess clothes and got some cash in your pocket AND relief from your laundry?

Wouldn't that be worth it?

Your cost =$67

  • Instant and lifetime access to this digital course (value $67)
  • My Trello inventory boards included free (value $30)
  • Bonus FAQ session with me answering the top questions regard clothes (value $49)

Total value = $146


I save clothes for my future kids and seasons/sizes. Will this work for me?

Yes! In step two when we talk about storage I teach you how to create storage systems for hand me downs and future children and sizes.

If I have less clothes, won't I be doing laundry more often? I don't want that.

This is a common misconception. Less laundry does not equal more laundry. The thing is most of us have so much that we don't have a practical frame of reference for how much we need. The reason we are behind all the time is because we have too much. As a part of my guarantee if you do this program and end up having to do more laundry, I will give the satisfaction guarantee refund. But you won't be doing more laundry, or doing it more often than you already are.

How long do I have to complete this?

As long as you need or want! Upon purchase you get instant and lifetime access to all of the content. This program is simple though that most moms get it done in a day (depending on how much they have and personal time allowances).

Do I really need a program to show me how to do this?

I can't answer that for you, but I can say that if you have been struggling and haven't been able to figure out how to manage the laundry in your home there is no shame in getting expert support from someone who knows how and has done it.

My kids are so particular about their clothes, will I be able to do this with them?

Yes! All of my programs encourage you including and leading your family through the process of managing stuff in your home, even the clothes.

Your cost = $67

  • Instant and lifetime access to this digital course (value $67)
  • My Trello inventory boards included free (value $30)
  • Bonus FAQ session with me answering the top questions regard clothes (value $49)

Total value = $146